Anwar trying to stay relevant with more streets protests


Life of Annie

DS Anwar Ibrahim is launching his Reformasi 2.0 in Kajang tonight.

I’m not really sure how he is going to pull it off with everyone at the moment are worrying about the missing MH370.

The Australian PM yesterday announced that some debris were spotted by satellite in the Indian Ocean, believed to be what’s left of the missing plane.

I believe everyone were waiting anxiously for the confirmation of the finding.

Who actually cares about Anwar wanting people to go to the streets to topple the Malaysian government because he was convicted of buggering his former aide?

Probably only the staunchest of Pakatan supporters will be eager to do that.

I am sure others are sick and tired of all his nonsense.

I wonder if Anwar will tonight accuse the Australian PM and his administration of colluding with DS Najib Razak and the Malaysian government by timing the finding of the debris just when he was about to launch his streets protest.

After all, that was what he did to the Japanese authorities when he was denied entry into that country not too long ago.

So, tonight maybe PKR Youth members want to burn Australian flags the way they burned the Japanese flags the other day.

For Anwar, the world must always revolves around him.

Anyway, what is this Reformasi 2.0?

The young ones would probably have vague memories of the Reformasi riots of the late 1990s. It was a series of disturbances engineered by Anwar and his gang after he was sacked from his deputy prime minister post.

It was a violent time. Nothing compared with the Bersih streets rally where police exercise an amazing degree of restraint.

This sorts of behavior was not tolerated,

The boy who kicked the fallen policeman would had been probably whacked senseless for being so biadap and kurang ajar back then.

At that time it was the police who charged the unruly mob, instead of now where we got Tian Chua and Unit Amal members charging the police line.

And for whacking a policeman and turning into monkeys like this, the bastards would probably got a fractured skull in return.

Well, that was how it was during the original Reformasi. Nowadays these hooligans were getting away with anything short of murder.

I wonder if the police will just standby again if Anwar’s minions start to create havoc again with the launching of the Reformasi 2.0 tonight.

On March 7, the day the Court of Appeals sentenced Anwar to five years jail for sodomy, his favorite boy, Azmin Ali declared in Kajang that Pakatan can only win if they take the fight to the streets.

It’s war, he said.

I wonder if DAP and Pas will be interested to go to war to defend Anwar from going to jail for sodomy.

Some really nut case Pas members may want to join their PKR friends in the fun, but I doubt anyone in DAP will be too enthusiastic about all the nonsense.