I’m not behind Deepak, Anwar says it again

Refuting the speculation of his involvement once again, the opposition leader tells the prime minister to ‘deal with it’.

Teoh El Sen, FMT

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has again brushed aside claims that he and his party members are masterminding the recent exposé by Deepak Jaikishan and instead asked Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to “deal with it”.

Asked about the accusations, especially in pro-Umno blogs that PKR had a hand behind Deepak’s re-emergence, Anwar replied with sarcasm: “I’m not surprised because I am behind everything. In fact I wrote GFI [Global Financial Integrity] and asked them to come out with the report on the RM197 billion [of illicit financial outflows in 2010].”

The opposition leader also said that if the controversial carpet businessman was revealing issues about him, the mainstream media would go to town with the issue.

“But in this country, imagine if he [Deepak] had said something about Anwar. Just 10% of what he said will be in the frontpage of Star, Utusan, everyday, for the next… 32 days,” he said.