Statement by Tan Sri Robert Phang on the article by R. Nadeswaran (published by The Sun on 13/12/12) entitled “MUSA-PHANG ALTERCATION INTENSIFIES” (the “said Article”). 

I refer to the said Article wherein R. Nadeswaran attributed various statements and quotes to me. It is amazing that R. Nadeswaran seems to echo everything said by Musa Hassan as if it were the absolute truth. It is more amazing that R. Nadeswaran reported my press conference and quoted me on things I never stated, when he wrote that I “admitted” – “I was the one together with Datuk Ramli Yusoff (former Commercial Crimes Division chief) who helped draft and prepare the document.” This is an absolute inaccurate statement.

While I can appreciate that Musa Hassan, being the principal lecturer of Media Warfare at UiTM , would try to reinvent his image in the eyes of the public, I find it difficult to appreciate that a senior journalist like R. Nadeswaran could fabricate stories, statements and quotes without even confirming its validity with me. This seems to be the trend with reporters and journalists aligned to Musa Hassan. I do not know their exact motives, but it clearly results in misinformation and confusion to the society at large, such that truth and falsehood become blurred.

I am an old man with no interest in partisan politics. With the God given privileges I have as a result of the various positions I held, I have tried to project the truth and speak out against injustice when I see it happening.

I have seen men like Musa Hassan who serve their masters regardless of ethics and values, for their own self preservation and benefit. What is unacceptable to me is that Musa Hassan is biting the hand that fed him. Worse than that, he has caused the PDRM to suffer the worst image in the history of the police force. He was the principal actor in various dubious cases, specifically The Black Eye Incident, Sodomy 1 and Sodomy 2. Yet, today, he tries to portray himself as a knight in shining armor. I believe in speaking the truth. Thus, when R. Nadeswaran uses the skills of his pen to make something foul to smell rosy, I have no choice but to assert that he is biased and not being objective as required of a fair journalist.

I have today issued a denial to the statements and quotes attributed to me and demanded that The Sun retract the said article. Attached is my letter to the Editor of The Sun.”

My sincere “THANK YOU” to all my Supporters who have backed me up all these years and also to all those Critics —- I assure you all , I will not tolerate any fabrication and malicious allegations against me which cannot be supported by evidence. I will certainly act in accordance to my legal rights.