Residents: DAP bowed to PAS and forced ‘sexy’ singer off the stage 

(The Star) – Villagers here are infuriated over the abrupt halt to a performance, which was a curtain raiser to a DAP dinner.

The enraged villagers who had raised thousands of ringgit to hire the singers are fuming that DAP had given in to the demands of PAS to stop the performance.

They said it was a slap on the face of the Chinese for DAP to bow to the pressures of PAS leaders who were at the function.

Apparently, PAS leaders who attended the function on Nov 17 in Telemong here had felt uncomfortable with a female singer’s dressing that was purportedly too revealing and demanded that the performance be stopped.

Kampung Manchis village head Lee Ah Kaw told Sin Chew Daily that he was disappointed with the actions of DAP leaders who did not dare offend PAS.

“They are willing to sacrifice the rights of the Chinese for the sake of getting support from PAS.

“How do you expect us to place our trust in DAP for the wellbeing of the Chinese?” he asked.

He said the villagers confronted two local DAP leaders over the incident but efforts to get a proper answer were in vain.

He said that to date, he received 50 complaints from villagers over the incident, for which DAP had yet to give a satisfactory explanation.

Lee, together with Kampung Sg Perdak head Lai Chui Fan, Kampung Sg Gapoi head Tang Kam Sang and other village committee members, had raised the matter with DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang when he attended a DAP ceramah on Tuesday night.

He showed Lim an 8R photo of the event and requested Lim to explain why the party did not allow the singer to perform.

However, Lim merely said he would talk later and quickly went in to the dinner.

“I tried to hold Lim’s hand but he walked away,” Lee said.

An incensed Lee has given DAP one week to apologise, failing which he will gather the villagers to protest in front of Bentong DAP office.

In reaction, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said this proved DAP only dared to scold MCA but remained silent over PAS’ wrongdoings.

He said the action by PAS leaders was an infringement on the rights of non-Muslims.

“If this had happened in Johor, MCA would have definitely been criticised by DAP,” he said.

Earlier in Batu Pahat, MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Laisaid this further proved there was no proper working relationship bet-ween DAP and PAS.

“This is obviously seen in the recent gender segregation issue involving hairdressers, the khalwat’ incidents in Kelantan and now this incident in Bentong,” he said, adding that DAP was still misleading people by saying one thing but doing another.