Powerful leaders attempting to oust Karpal

A DAP branch leader urges party delegates to return the veteran leader to power with a bigger majority.

G Vinod, FMT

A DAP leader today claimed that there are several party leaders who would be attempting to oust party chairman Karpal Singh at the party election tomorrow.

Speaking at a press conference today, Taman Chi Liung Indah DAP chairman K Yogasigamany even claimed that one of the leader hails from Selangor.

“A top leader from DAP Selangor had met party members from Klang and canvassed support for Lim Kit Siang (DAP adviser), Lim Guan Eng (secretary-general), for the leader and other unknown individuals, but not for Karpal,” alleged Yogasigamany.

Yesterday, former Selangor DAP auditor Tan Tuan Tat alleged that there are moves in the party to use the party’s central executive committee (CEC) election tomorrow to oust Karpal.

Tan claimed that Karpal’s vocal stand against PAS’ Islamic state agenda and his “one man-one seat” calls had ruffled the feathers of some powerful leaders in the party.

Yogasigamany said that the attempt was becoming obvious in the last one month when these leaders were proposing names for the party leadership posts, but left out Karpal’s name.

“When I enquired about it, they just dismissed me by saying let the members decide,” he claimed,

Asked to name the leaders attempting to oust Karpal, Yogasigamany refused to divulge details saying, “I think you can guess.”

The DAP grassroots leader said that many members were unhappy with the situation and they made their grouses known during the Selangor DAP convention held on Dec 4.

“Out of about 1,000 delegates, only about 300 tuned up for the event. Out of that, a substantial number left after registering their names,” he claimed.

People’s choice

Yogasigamany, who is a businessman, defended Karpal’s “one man-one seat” formula, saying DAP has a lot of capable leaders.

He also said that the “one man-one seat” proposal would also curtail certain leaders’ greed who want to monopolise everything for themselves.

“These leaders are not only holding both parliamentary and state seats, but they also hold positions as state excos and in the state government linked companies. Left unchecked, they may even attempt to hold councillor positions and others.

“If you want monetary gains, leave politics and venture into business,” he said.

He also cited an FMT’s online poll on Karpal’s proposal, saying that nearly 80% voted in favour of the “one man-one seat” formula.