Justice for Altantuya: PM, AG must respond

Isn’t Najib, as head of the government, interested to know what actually happened, more so given the manner in which the murder was executed? asks DAP MP Gobind Singh.

By Gobind Singh Deo

Malaysia will forever remain in a dark cloud over the killing of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu because of the failure of our criminal justice system to secure complete justice for her.

We have failed until now to explain why Altantuya was killed and more importantly who directed her killing.

The recent claims by Deepak Jaikishan surrounding the making of a statutory declaration has added more fuel into a fire which just cannot seem to be put out.

The Attorney-General, Abdul Gani Patail, should respond to the allegations made by Deepak that “justice has not yet been done ” in the case involving Altantuya

Deepak was earlier reported as saying: “Whoever actually killed her, who actually instructed her killing, should be responsible. They must take the responsibility.”

This question has been asked time and again. The AG should tell us, who ordered the killing and why? This is the most important aspect of the case which has not been answered.

This angle ought to have been probed further during the trial of those who were charged with her murder.

It is basic in all cases like this that motive is established. The prosecution owes the family of the deceased and the general public a duty here.

The truth must prevail

It is also surprising to note the prime minister’s silence on this matter.

The prime minister has in past cases involving suspicious deaths, recognised the need for full ‘no stone unturned’ inquiries so as to get to the truth and to find justice and closure for the deceased and the families of the deceased.

Why is it different with Altantuya? Why are we not pressing for answers to these most important aspects of the case?