Why reveal now, Musa?

The rakyat should ask themselves this question: when Musa Hassan was the IGP, what did he do?


Following former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan’s recent exposé of political interference in the police force during his tenure as the police chief, I want to ask you this: when he was the IGP what did he do?

What did he do about political interference in the conduct of police investigation? Did he behave like an IGP whose duties were hampered by interference of political forces?

Dia tak malu ka (have you no shame), getting so many extensions to your term as IGP from your political masters who were interfering with your duties as IGP?

Is Musa saying anything new now? Why not stand up against all this while you were the IGP? Why only now?

I have my suspicion of government servants, of which Musa was one, who speak up after their retirement.

Why not speak up when you were working under your onerous political masters? Why? Were you worried of lost promotions?

Worried about not getting a Tan Sri? No pension? Were you worried of not being IGP anymore?

The same goes for Chua Jui Ming and and even the former deputy prime minister and minister of finance of Malaysia – Anwar Ibrahim.

It is always after the nasi has become bubur that they wave the white handkerchief and boldly stand up to voice their dissent against the very same political masters that they were once subservient to.

Tell something new

And Musa tells us that the Special Branch is tailing him. Musa tells us that criminal elements have infiltrated the police force and that politicians interfered with investigations.

Aisehman Musa, why not tell us something we do not know?