PKR still waiting for MIC defectors

M Ravi tells Muthu Palaniappan to make good on his promise.

Zefry Dahalan, FMT

PORT DICKSON: Teluk Kemang PKR chief M Ravi today demanded that party colleague M Muthu Palaniappan fulfill his promise to pull in 80 MIC branches into the opposition.

Muthu, a former MIC vice president, made the pledge when he defected to PKR early this year.

“We are still waiting and I hope he can bring in the former MIC members from the 80 branches to join PKR before the next GE,” Ravi told FMT.

The 80 branches are all in Negeri Sembilan.

Ravi, who is the state assemblyman for Port Dickson, also dismissed speculation that Muthu will contest the Teluk Kemang parliament seat in the coming election, saying the PKR leadership had not given any word to that effect.

Referring to an FMT report last week about Muthu’s candidacy, he said: “Anybody can declare which seat he wants to contest, but according to the party constitution the candidacy for any seat can only be confirmed and announced by the party president.

“Even I can’t confirm to defend my Port Dickson state seat as long as I haven’t received a confirmation letter from the party president.”

However, Ravi invited Muthu to lend his experience to PKR’s political work in Teluk Kemang.

“As an experienced politician and former state exco member, he can play a role as adviser for me and Teluk Kemang PKR.

“I’m willing to work together with him for the people of Teluk Kemang.”

Ravi also called on former Barisan Nasional figures who recently joined PKR not to be greedy for positions.

“If a person who joined the party just a year ago is asking for position or GE candidacy, what about the PKR members who have been contributing to the party’s struggle since 1998?” he said.

“When joining PKR, the ultimate aim should be to uplift the people’s welfare and not to get position or candidacy.”