Businessman denies ex-IGP’s allegations

Robert Phang also rubbishes Musa Hassan’s allegation that the former played a role in the transfer of a senior policeman.

Teoh El Sen, FMT

Businessman and philanthropist Robert Phang today denied the allegations levelled against him by former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan.

At a press conference here, Phang said that he had never asked to be an advisor to Musa.

He also rubbished an allegation that he had caused a senior police officer to be transferred with regard to a walkie-talkie contract.

However, Phang admitted that he was appointed as an independent advisor to a telecommunications company which was awarded a contract with the police.

Recounting an incident in 2008 when he “first engaged with” Musa, Phang said he was about to reveal a RM98 million case of police malpractice when Musa called him.

“Musa called and told me to call off my press conference. This is interfering with feedom of expression. This is straight up abuse of power,” said the former MACC advisor.