Don’t confuse the people, ex-IGP tells cops

(The Star) – Police have been urged to divulge the “true” crime statistics instead of merely highlighting the reduction in street crime.

Former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said “creating a false reality” would only confuse the public, resulting in decreased confidence in the police.

“The police should show the complete statistics. It is not logical for crime to be down when cases are being reported everyday,” he said.

“The statistics are all on street crime but what about serious crime such as house break-ins, robberies and vehicle thefts?

“I am not saying that the police are trying to manipulate facts but at least be transparent with such statistics,” he said at a press conference organised by the Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch) at a hotel here yesterday.

Musa also urged the police to strategically deploy personnel in crime hotspots to increase their effectiveness.

“What is the use of patrols when crimes are still occurring?”

He added that “quality was more important” as there was no point in having numerous patrols if these were not effective.

“I love the police force,” Musa said. “I want to see it improve for the safety and benefit of the people.”

On allegations by a businessman that he, as well as MyWatch, had been bankrolled by the underworld, Musa said: “If he has a grudge against me, then just focus on me. Don’t involve this NGO.”

Musa said he would give the businessman three days to apologise or he, together with MyWatch, would take legal action.