Musa Hassan tells Robert Phang: apologize, or I’ll sue you

(Malaysian Digest) – Malaysian Crime Watch Group (MyWatch) today demanded an apology from Tan Sri Robert Phang for alleging that the NGO was linked to criminal syndicates.

MyWatch patron, Tan Sri Musa Hassan has given Phang three days to do so before legal action is taken against him.

“It is a malicious statement.. MyWatch is only being linked to criminal syndicates because I am here (in MyWatch).

“If he has a vendetta against me, so be it. But leave the NGO out of it.

“I give him three days to apologize before we begin talks with lawyers and initiate legal proceedings against him,” he told a Press conference at the Hilton Hotel today.

Musa, who is former Inspector General of Police, also claimed that when he was the IGP from 2006 to 2010, Phang had met with him regularly to offer himself as an advisor.

Phang had questioned why he wasn’t selected as an advisor when he had previously served as advisor to the former IGP, Tun Hanif Omar. “I told him I didn’t need an advisor, I can think for myself. That is why I wasn’t too close to him,” he said.

Phang meanwhile, when contacted, said he does not wish to respond yet for fear that the media may have misinterpreted Musa. He instead asked for Musa to issue a press release, only after which he would respond to Musa’s statement.

In another development, Musa declined to offer any comment regarding a statement by former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Datuk Ramli Yusuff, who had claimed that Musa had abused his power during his tenure as IGP.

In response, Musa questioned how Ramli had amassed his “wealth” and questioned who had ordered him to use the police platform to badmouth him.

“I would like to say something too. I want to know who is behind him until he is given a platform within the police force to slam me. “I think Ramli needs to answer to the public how he attained his wealth and riches while still in the police force,” he said.

Musa had previously been accused of having dealings with Pakatan Rakyat after he had made several exposes pertaining to Home Ministry interference in police matters when he was IGP.

Musa however, had admitted that Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, during his time as Deputy Prime Minister, had tried to instruct Musa to reveal the investigation report on the book, ’50 Reasons Why Anwar Ibrahim Cannot Be Prime Minister.”