Political WTF 3 – OK to leap but why not look beforehand


I would have loved to use the idiom ‘out of the blue’ to describe the recent antics of former IGP Musa Hassan in his public criticisms of his old boss, Home Affairs Minister Hishamuddin, for allegedly interfering directly in police operational matters and other police issues – mind you, not that I disbelieve his principal allegations against his old boss, wakakaka.

Musa Hassan

But given the ringgit-driven politics of our much battered nation, I have to admit (perhaps even boast a wee bit, please allow me that) that I have expected/anticipated such late belakang-pusing (volte-face) entries into our political arena, in the persons of Musa Hassan and Deepak Jaikisian … and perhaps even more.

No sirree, we can’t depend on Balasubramaniam Perumal alone or even the poor over-exploited soul of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu to invigorate interests in the non-PKR dark side of Malaysian politics. There must be an innovative rafter of fresh sensational exposés to capture and hold voters’ interests.

Balasubramaniam Perumal

But I must confess I’ve been influenced by the grapevine info that Anwar Ibrahim has a new and very rich financial backer. There’s nothing wrong with having financial backers, which is a normal practice in American, Australian and western politics, except over there, contributors of sums above, say, $ x must be known and recorded/reported, though in the USA, this regulation has been cleverly circumvented by breaking a large contribution into many many contributions of less than $ x.

The Jews are far more clever, contributing to both sides of politics … just in case, you know … making them always winners regardless who wins and rules. 

To be fair, many American Jews are left leaning liberals so please don’t assume they’re all Zionists. Perhaps the only chink in their left wing liberal politics is that, as Jews inheriting horrendous memories of the Holocaust, they are obligated in more than one way, to ensure at least the survival of Israel as a state.

But such is their political acumen and influence in Western democracies, through a combination of generous financial contributions and exploitation of Western guilt over the Holocaust, that an example of their intrinsic political power has recently manifested itself in Australia, in the state of New South Wales (NSW), which is now ruled by the right-wing Coalition under the leadership of Barry O’Farrell.

The NSW Board of Studies and Department of Education has accepted the Jewish Board of Deputies’s recommendation to make the study of the Holocaust a compulsory subject in Years 9 and 10 in NSW secondary schools. Previously the NSW Labor government had refused to make the subject compulsory, though it was available as a study option – see Sydney Morning Herald’s Study of Holocaust mandated for schools.

Nazi concentration camp inmates, Jews and non-Jews

Vic Alhadeff of the Jewish Board of Deputies stated that ”The Holocaust is a warning to every generation about the potential for evil, especially as a consequence of racial hatred, and about the inherent evil of totalitarian regimes. It teaches us that every generation owes it to itself and to future generations to cherish and, if necessary, fight to defend the sanctity of life, dignity and freedom.”

I cannot but whole-heartedly agree with the opposition NSW Greens Party MP John Kaye who said that (since the study objective is to warn younger generations of Australians about the potential for evil arising from the consequence of racial hatred) while the Holocaust is rightly an essential part of the state syllabus, it should be taught in the context of the other 20th-century genocides.

Khmer Rouge victims

Indeed, kaytee has in mind studies of genocides and/or atrocities like the ones in Rwanda, Khmer under the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime, the massacre in Nanjing (Nanking) by the Japanese military during WWII, Sabra & Shatila and Deir Yassin in Palestine, Gaza during the Israeli Ops Cast Lead, My Lai in Vietnam, Wounded Knee and Indian Reservations in the USA as ugly examples of brutal colonialism, the US-British sanction of Iraq leading to infant malnutrition and deaths by the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi infants and children, etc.

Japanese decapitating Nanjing victim and baby

genocide at Nanjing alone took between 500,000 to 900,000 lives

whichever source for those figures, the victims there were of considerable numbers 

Focusing solely on the Holocaust effectively confers monopoly of victim-hood to the Jews and indirectly teflonises Israeli atrocities automatically as defensive measures when the truth could well be otherwise, obviously something the Zionists and pro Israel lobbies want.

Anyway, back to financial contributions in Malaysian politics – as mentioned there’s nothing incorrect about this, as even DAP strives for this but through election fund raising dinners and donation drives where supporters and well-wishers donate relatively small and accountable sums.

Only big political movers (UMNO) or those the financial contributors see as potential big political movers (wakakaka) receive humongous (and in most cases, unaccountable) sums, which enable the big political movers the latitude to ‘strategize’ and ‘campaign’ for voters’ support, or even without voters’ support, wakakaka.

For example, it’s no secret that there were talks (at RPK’s Malaysia-Today) about the 916 coup d’état requiring at least RM 300 million to bring about that aspired change of government, an amazing strategy that had required its Great Conceptualizer to think totally outside the box …. specifically the ballot box, wakakaka.

We were informed that it didn’t eventuate for the same reprehensible ringgit reason, that the RM 300 million was deemed as, insanely as this may sound, not enough … because the other side had (still has) deeper pockets to counter-offer far bigger sums to the potential political defectors.

Well, wow, WTF, one would be totally gob-smacked f* and kau kau too, when one is informed that RM 300 million is NOTmoi, but I’m just not used to such Fort Knox sums being considered as not enough. enough? Pardon

Mind, we’ve gathered too from the grapevine that a Madame reputed to be the Whore of Babylonpang was paid a humongous RM 25 million to metamorphose into Madame Butterfly so as to flutter over to another rose, wakakaka, so perhaps on second thoughts, indeed, what would be a mere RM 300 million for 30 MPs?

Whore of Babylon

This leads us to one of the most despised persons in Malaysia, Musa Hassan the former IGP, who has recently and almost on a daily basis, self-canonized himself into some kind of law & order Saint Ralph Nader, in turn leading us to undergo a range of emotions … outrage at what we saw as his brazen hypocrisy, wakakaka at the ridiculousness of an oxymoron-ic reformasi ex-IGP, and finally deep suspicions as to the likely person behind Musa Hassan’s pseudo-crusade of righteous criticisms against ministerial political interference in police operational process.

People such as blogger Ahmad Lufti Othman leapt at the opportunity to call for serious investigations into Musa Hassan’s accusations. In his post Musa Hassan dan aksi Bollywood he wrote: