‘PM, Home Minister ignored my complaints’

Ex-IGP Musa Hassan says he had previously informed the Prime Minister and Home Minister about his complaints, but were ignored. 

Teoh El Sen, FMT

Many wonder why Musa Hassan has suddenly become such a vocal man, but the former Inspector-General of Police said that it was not something that happened overnight.

He said that his complaints of political interference, of criminal elements which had infiltrated the police force, were not new.

When he was in service, these issues were already raised through the “proper channels” to the Prime Minister and Home Minister before, but to no effect.

“I have a number of times personally informed even the prime minister and home minister, when I was Johor CPO, when I was director of CID, and also as the IGP. It seems that they do not want to change.

“Many times I have raised this, not just now that I am retired,” he explained.

Musa claimed that the top leaders of the country did not seem interested in addressing these issues. However, he declined to say if it was because they themselves were also involved in these claims.

“The prime minister and home minister were not interested. I want to make sure the country is safe. If you do all these things, protecting kingpins and all that, the country’s security will go down the drain and people will be complaining,” he said.

Musa said that various allegations had been levelled against him but he had kept quiet all the while. But now he was being deemed as anti-government for speaking out.

“They attack me like mad when I’m not against anyone,” said Musa, who served as IGP for four years from 2006 to 2010.