Sepang shrine wrecking: Xavier cries ‘sabotage’

Municipal officers acted without authorisation, says the Selangor exco.

K Pragalath, FMT

Municipal officers acted without their boss’ permission when they demolished a Hindu shrine in Sepang last month, Selangor state exco Xavier Jayakumar said today.

“The action taken by certain officers was unilateral,” he said in a press statement. “There is reason to suspect this action is bordering on sabotage.”

On Nov 20, 30 enforcement officers of the Sepang Municipal Council (MPS) trespassed into the home of one S Gobi Kumar and demolished a Hindu shrine located within the compound of the residence.

A week later, Jayakumar defended the council’s action, prompting MIC Youth to demand that he make a public apology.

Jayakumar said MPS officials yesterday gave a briefing on the incident to him, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and state excos Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu.

“From the briefing, it was quite apparent that the Sepang council president was neither consulted nor informed prior to the action of breaking the structure,” he said.

“The Selangor Non-Muslim Affairs Council, co-chaired by excos Liu, Kok and myself, was also never informed of these actions.”

He added that the state government had called for an investigation and demanded that the findings be submitted to it within two weeks.

The demolition apparently violates an order issued by the Non-Muslim Affairs Council that forbids the breaking of religious structures.

“From 2008, we have given instruction to all local councils and land offices not to break any place of worship that existed prior to 2008,” Jayakumar said