Amokh ignores Najib as PM with Syed Feisal’s appointment

Is it more important for Amokh to please Tun Dol than Najib?


The business papers reported yesterday that Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) announced the appointment of the brother to Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, Dato Syed Faisal Albar, to be an Independent Director of MAHB.

This is fuelling speculation that Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad will end his one year extension as Chairman and replaced by Syed Faisal.

The name Syed Faisal is sickening to the stomach. It reminds us of his arrogant and incompetence Arab tak sedar diri brother, Syed Hamid, during the reign of terror of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He lost Batu Putih island to Singapore and interfered to apply ISA on a reporter.

Syed Feisal is himself of questionable integrity and capability.

Doesn’t Khazanah Nasional CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar realised that he is not working for Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi any more?

Thus, why is he still bringing people that was part of the evil triumvirate of Kalimullah-Kamaluddin-Khary into important position? Or is this Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop in his elements?

Since Tun Dol resigned, this is not the first time Amokh is sticking to the cronies of the old regime that wrecked havoc to the Malaysian aviation industry. It is now left to Najib to put the pieces together and attempt a turnaround of MAS.

Amokh had engineered a heavily lop-sided “merger” between MAS and Air Asia that favour of Tony Fernandez-led Air Asia.

Air Asia was a beneficiary of crony capitalism involving Khairy and Dato Zaki Zahid who together with Tony F redid the cabinet-approved National Airline Rationalisation plan. By the following Monday, Tun Dol announced a different plan on the instruction of Khairy and Zaki.

Despite that move resulted in Air Asia taking over MAS routes and Amokh claimed he fought tooth and nail with Tony F for constantly “sailang” MAS, the MAS-Air Asia “merger” only indicate Amokh have a problem realising that the Prime Minister is no more Tun Dol but Dato Najib.

The fact that Dato Najib has set the precedent at IMDB to only bring in professionals and capable people on the Board of Directors and management, it raises issue on Amokh tendencies to bring in his cronies, particularly incompetent ones.

In the MAS-Air Asia “merger” he gave his partner in their firm Bina Fikir, Danny Yusof that failed in the WAU exercise of MAS, a leading role.

Amokh kept his failed MCKK classmate, Dato Harun Johari who repeated his failure at Iskandar Investment Berhad at Khazanah new start-up inolving agriculture. Even in area of logistic which is supposed to be his core competency at Shell, Harun failed also.

There are also Executives Directors retianed by Amokh like Tengku Dato Azmil who failed at MAS and the former Sime Darby’s executive that bombed in the privatisation of IJN and Qatar deal.

Dato Syed Feisal Albar

With regard to the new appointment at MAHB, Syed Faisal is not politically and capability wise appropriate.  He still remain within Kalimullah circle of evil.

Despite New Straits Times withdrawing their lawsuit against blogger and former Malay Mail editor, Dato Ahiruddin Attan@ Rockybru, Syed Faisal remain with opposition backing The Malaysian Insider (TMI) owner, Kalimullah in their lawsuit against Rocky.