‘Love for Umno should be instilled among children at home’

(Bernama)The strong feeling of love for Umno should be instilled among the children at home so that they would not be influenced by the ploys used by the opposition especially in the increasingly challenging political environment.

For Mohd Razali Ahmad, 58, a member from the Lenggong Umno division in Perak, he had adopted this concept for so long that all his five children had become Umno members and their confidence in the party would not be shaken even if they were ‘baited’ by the opposition.  

Mohd Razali said he had introduced Umno to his children, aged between 18 and32, when they were still small.    

“Let’s not talk to them about Umno when they are already teenagers. Umno must be introduced at home.  

“When they think about Umno, then they will ask…what is Umno? We respond by saying…Umno is the United Malay National Organisation…Umno has been championing the Malay cause right from the start,” he said.  

“This is what we want to teach, we talk about Umno, this is the Umno struggle…this is Umno, that is Umno, so that they will love Umno. But if we never mention about Umno at all in our house, how can they love Umno?” he said.  

“If they go out to pursue higher studies anywhere, the early exposure that we have given them about Umno will certainly remind them about the party. Let others come and talk about anything, they will eventually come back to the struggles of their parents and grandparents. They will love Umno,” he said.  

Meanwhile, a mother of three, Zadariah Ismail, 59, said she had always reminded her three children, aged between 28 and 37, on the Umno struggles for the Malays.  

“We have to remind our children of our struggles in the past because our children are now living in comfort.   

“Sometimes I feel sad…really sad. I tell my children that they must remember…without the present government, they may not become what they are today,” she said, adding that all her children were now Umno members.