Deepak Jaikishan : A Pattern of Lies and Deception

Freedom Come Freedom Go

From reports and blogs, some excerpts of personalities involved in the PI Bala SD I and II affair.

Lawyer M. Puravalen, who was Abdul Razak Baginda’s first lawyer in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case two years ago, has refused to divulge to the police today the details of “privileged information” shared with him by his client.

The 54-year-old lawyer said such information when made in full confidentiality was a fundamental and sacrosanct aspect of the lawyer-client relationship. – As posted on the Malaysian Bar website.

That was 3 years ago, 18 July 2008.

Fast forward, 14 August 2012 a press statement by Sivarasa Rasiah, PKR Member of Parliament for Subang,

RPK was invited to that meeting in Puravalen’s house the day before the 3nd July press conference to be given a pre-view of Bala’s 1st SD to put up on his blog and write about it which he did.

I just cannot reconcile the above two quotes. For anyone who understands what Bala SD I was all about, it raises questions.

For example, how could Mr Puravalen house a meeting related to a statutory declaration which had (at the time) significant references to his former client and not risk breaching “privileged information” of the lawyer-client relationship?

Was it judicious for Mr Puravalen to be involved, in any way, with a statutory declaration that could, one way or another, be seen as damaging to his former client?

Anyway back the Deepak fellow.

Bear in mind, of course, we do not know to whom or what the Deepak fellow is referring to, as he is riddling us this and that.

These are for those are frothing at the mouth and think whom and what the fellow is referring to.

For starters.


Deepak Jaikishan, the carpet dealer mentioned numerous times by blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, said Rosmah “is a good person, if you know her personally”.


“I had no business being there, I am a businessman. I regret helping a friend whom I thought was true… I am not supposed to be involved in this James Bond movie.”


He also rubbished the website’s claims that he had played a key role in silencing private eye P. Balasubramaniam in the 2006 sex-murder scandal of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu; and in Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s ongoing sodomy trial.(sic0


“It was damage control to stop the problem… I was tasked – don’t ask who tasked me – with getting him to agree to sign another SD, not because of the (first) SD itself but because of the repercussions that will happen the next day if that (first) SD was not reversed,” he said.

I see a distinct stratagem here and the personalities involved in the PI Bala saga are interconnected.

Support first and later, in the familiar words for Raja Petra Kamarudin, whack.

And whack first and later, support.

RPK prints all over.

“I would have better use for the millions of ringgit that I would have needed to do that, which I don’t have in the first place” – Sivarasa Rasiah

Mull on that for now.