Ex-IGP: 6P encourages human trafficking

Musa Hassan also says former minster Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad cannot claim ignorance of the operations of the company in which he is a director. 

Teoh El Sen, FMT

Former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan weighed in on the controversy surrounding the 6P amnesty programme, alleging that the way the government had conducted it was akin to human trafficking.

“When you privatise 6P and foreign labour, and allow third parties to be making money out of it… this can regarded as human trafficking,” Musa told FMT.

Although more than 300 6P agents were appointed by the government, Musa said that it does not stop the outsourced companies, including unlicensed agents, from exploiting foreigners.

“Why do you need a third party to do it for you? That is not really good. Because you already have the proper channels and agencies in charge of this.

“Managing foreign workers is the job of the Immigration Department and Labour Department. You don’t need to privatise it, which opens it up to manipulation,” he said.

Musa also said former Home Minister Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad cannot claim ignorance of the operations of SNT Universal Corporation Sdn Bhd, a 6P agent, being probed for abuses.

“Being a director in the company, Radzi cannot say that he doesn’t know what the company is doing. He should know,” said Musa.

Musa: Things must be done properly

FMT, in a series of articles, exposed SNT Universal Corporation Sdn Bhd to be behind the exploitation of foreign workers, mainly Bangladeshis.

The company has been accused of committing several offences, including cheating by falsely claiming to be able to register foreigners under the 6P programme and getting work permits for them, and setting up dozens of bogus employment agencies.

Those working in the company were also accused of assaulting these foreigners, an episode of which was captured on CCTV recordings.