A Present for the UMNO Delegates- A Dead MCA


There is a system in their madness. UMNO has to go to town saying Malays will be in danger should PR wins. DAP will dominate everything. The country will turn republic and Malay kings will be in danger. Islam will be sidelined. UMNO has to do this because it must do everything to keep Malays in check. Why? Because if only 30% of the Malay electorate in each of the parliamentary seat where MCA is the incumbent vote PKR, MCA is wiped out. UMNO wants to save its Islam bashing partner at all costs even if it means speaking like an infidel.

MCA on the other must do everything to keep the Chinese intact. It is facing an uphill battle. MCA has lost its credibility and relevance. It goes to town, saying if PR wins, then PAS will talibanise everything. You can’t play mahjong, eat pork, bah kut teh, wash hair, yam seng and all that. MCA must say, PAS will restrict everything.

UMNO and MCA are playing two sides of the same coin, but the subterfuge is not fooling everyone. How do we kill off MCA for good? There is a simple formula. if only 30% of the Malay voters vote Pakatan and 80% of non-Malay voters vote the same way, MCA is finished. This is all we need. MCA can lose all its 15 seats.

The prospects of eliminating MCA are good. 80-85% of non-Malays are supporting Pakatan and 50% of the Malays will vote for Pakatan. We have many instances where voters in  areas with Malay majority giving substantial support to Pakatan. A place like Jerantut in Pahang which is almost 90% Malay gave 46% support to PR. Therefore UMNO can’t assume that just because an area has a majority Malay electorate, it can get big support. In 2008, UMNO candidates got only 2 million votes from the 5.7 million Malay voters. That’s only 35% Malay support.

But let us use 30% Malay support for Pakatan as a benchmark. Assume also that 80% of non-Malays support Pakatan. UMNO knows that it has to get big Malay support otherwise its doomed. That is why it using all the dirty tricks- racism, the specter of racial clash, the demise of Malay royalty, the assault on Islam.

So that we won’t have to see the fornicating face of Soi Lek, puke at seeing Wee Ka Siong and Ms Yen Yen, all we need is to ensure the 30:80 formula. Just get 30% of Malay support in the MCA areas and ensure we get 80% non-Malay support.  

Only 30% of Malay voters are what we need. If 30% of the Malay voters in the seats MCA won in 2008, now vote for PR- MCA is finished. If voting goes along the same line as it did in 2008, UMNO is already doomed. So we can treat UMNO’s General Assembly now as a just a sideshow- its last before the party crumbles.

Let’s do as what UMNO shouts for and let us take on what UMNO says. If the Malays heed what UMNO wants, they should withdraw their support from these MCA seats. MCA is your enemy. Its president made fun of Islam -does not the Quran command the Muslims to not make friends with Muslims and non Muslims who make fun and belittle Islam? See Quran 5:57.

MCA has 15 parliamentary seats most of them in Johor. Out of the 7 seats in Johor, only 2 have Malay majority. It’s sinful for the Malays in Air Hitam and Alor Star to vote for MCA infidels. Do like the Quran instruct- do not take them as friends or protectors because they have soiled Islam.