BN Bosses Fight Over NCR Landgrab! – EXCLUSIVE

Fighting over NCR land – Taib’s sister Raziah Mahmud (right) and Taib’s BN MP Aaron Dagang


NCR landowners in Sampadi have learnt the hard way how nothing can be trusted in the hands of BN, with party top dogs now fighting with each other to get hold of their lands.

In July a group of 12 villagers from Kampung Gerunggang had decided to sell some of their NCR (Native Customary Rights) land to a keen buyer.

That purchaser, no surprise to learn, was none other than a BN politician.  Aaron Dagang is the PRS MP for Kanowit, who will be standing again for office in the up-coming federal elections.

Dagang seems to think that his salary for serving  his constituents is not enough for his needs and had set about parting this poor community from their birthright lands for what is doubtless a good price that will give him a good profit.

The agreement shows he planned to buy the 77 acres, not far from Kuching, for RM231,000, which is then to be converted to yet more oil palm.  Given that Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s brother Onn Mahmud has been touting his own oil palm plantation at RM31,000 per acre, this land should eventually be worth ten times the price that the villagers have agreed to sell it for.

From the agreement drawn up between the PRS MP Aaron Dagagang to buy 77 acres of Native Customary Rights Land from villagers in Sampadi

So, Dagang must have been pleased at the way he was ‘looking after the interests’ of the trusting people, who had voted for BN and were then selling him their heritage for what to a poor person might seem a life-saving amount.

Encouraged by the prospect of the sale and following the advice of the Land & Survey Department, the villagers spent a considerable sum of money to get their land properly mapped and surveyed and they were informed by the Land & Survey Department that their plot was 155 Block 8 Sampadi District.

‘Block 154′ – expensive mapping that was to prove a waste of money!

Raziah got there first!

However, as the parties set out to finalise their transaction concerning the purchase of Lot 155 Block 8 Samapadi Land District, they made a discovery that was shocking to both sides.

‘Replaced’ by Lot 154 – the Lot 155 which used to belong to the villagers has been absorbed without notification or of course payment!

It seemed that Lot 155 had suddenly disappeared from the records!

After much research and many weeks it emerged that the lot had somehow become “replaced”.  According to a note in the Land Registry, this meant it was now part of the neighbouring Lot 154.

And it turned out that this very much larger Lot 154 had already been granted by the Land & Survey Department to another company in 2010.

This meant that the villagers are no longer the officially registered owners of their NCR land. Yet they had never been told a thing about it and had even been encouraged to go ahead spending money on useless plans!

So, who was the influential person that was able to achieve such an alteration to the Land Registry without even a notification being made to the rightful owners?

“Replaced” – the scribbled alteration in the Land Registry that removed these people’s land and gave it to Raziah Mahmud!

A search of the Land Registry shows that in 2010 Lot 154 (now including the old Lot 155) was sold by the Department in the guise of ‘state owned land’ to the company Saradu Plantation, which grows bananas.  The company used to be named Emerald Discovery: