Muhyiddin: We will defend Sabah at all costs

(The Star) – Sabah must be defended as Barisan Nasional’s stronghold at all costs, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.

“Sabah is an important state for Barisan, we cannot afford to lose it,” he said during a breakfast meeting with members of the former Barisan elected representatives association (Mubarak) here.

“We must defend it at all costs. Some people say that Sabah is a fixed deposit (for Barisan) but I think it is more than a fixed deposit,” he said referring to Sabah Barisan sweeping 24 of the 25 parliament seats and 59 of the 60 state seats in the 2008 general election.

Muhyiddin said it was important for everyone to work hard to ensure that the ruling coalition continued to rule the country.

He said Barisan had transformed itself to meet with the aspirations of the people particularly the younger generation who are savvy and aware of things not only in the country but also overseas.

“They have high expectations and are more knowledgeable and aware of the things happening around them.

“This is the new reality we face as a political party. We must evolve. The Barisan of today is not similar to the Barisan of yesterday, we have transformed to meet to the new expectations of the people,” Muhyiddin said.

He said Mubarak members had a role to play in helping Barisan win convincingly in the next general election which was going to be very challenging and important for the coalition to continue ruling the country.

Later in the morning, Muhyiddin flew to the Kuala Penyu district for a walkabout in town.

Kuala Penyu is part of the Beaufort parliament seat held by Datuk Lajim Ukin, who left Umno to align himself with Pakatan Rakyat.