Tat: DAP will lose the election because of Teresa

(The Kuala Lumpur Post) – Ex-DAP leader Tan Tuan Tat claimed that the party’s state leadership under Teresa Kok will be a liability and will jeopardise the party’s chance to be re-elected in the next General Election (GE).

The former Selangor DAP auditor said that the party’s state leaders have failed to live up to their positions to unite and strengthen the party, instead clinging to power by postponing the state elections which were scheduled for earlier this year.

“Most members have become disenchanted and disillusioned by the incompetency, inefficiency and multiple standards shown by these leaders who think they won (the previous GE) because they are popular amongst grassroots members and the public.

“The public and tax payers gave them a chance to change for better governance but apparently DAP Selangor has failed (to fulfil their obligations),” Tan said during a press conference.

Citing the example of the low turnout at the DAP Selangor convention last month, Tan said it was due to the shenanigans of state leaders.

“You think she’s doing anything for Selangor? She couldn’t even solve problems such as floods, rubbish, vice activities, complaints of corruptions, but instead, she swept it under the carpet,” Tan said.

Tan, who is also a former DAP Sungai Pelek Parliament Liaison Committee member, pointed out that a lot of grassroots members were frustrated with the way Kok handled the party.

“Kok refused to admit her weak leadership and non-commitment to the grassroots members,” he said.

“She is no longer fighting for the people, but made a mockery of socialist concepts of equality and fairness for all and is more like a capitalist in nature for personal aggrandisement,” Tan concluded.

According to The Star’s Joceline Tan, the poor turnout at the Selangor DAP convention was a missed opportunity to rally the troops to defend the premier state against a hungry opposition.

“Of the 1,153 delegates, only 311 or 27% showed up for the annual meeting. The minimum quorum is 25% and party leaders were left struggling to explain the numbers,” she wrote.

“Kok did not appreciate the questions raised about the low turnout and she attempted to brush it off in a rather casual manner, attributing it to some delegates being “lazy,” the rainy weather and that delegates had activities in their constituencies,” Joceline said.

According to blogger Shen Yee Aun, Kok is a failed leader since she holds too many posts in the state government and government-linked companies (GLCs).

“Kok is wearing too many hats for being an Exco (Selangor Senior State Executive Councillor for Investment, Industry & Trade, SA (State Assemblywoman for Kinrara), MP (Member of Parliament for Seputeh) and also the Chairman of Selangor DAP,” Shen said.  –

“She earns at least RM 40,000 a month but it seems she fails to strengthen Selangor DAP with her weak leadership as the leader of Selangor DAP,” the blogger added.

Meanwhile,due to these numerous positions, Kok was the first one to show her disagreement over DAP national chairman Karpal Singh’s suggestion of ‘one candidate, one proposal.