PAS Ulama: Pakatan cannot ignore views expressed during muktamar

(The Star) – The PAS Ulama wing has stepped up its call for their party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to be the Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat wins in the coming polls.

The wing said Pakatan Rakyat could not ignore the views of PAS’ one million members.

“If PAS wins the most number of seats, naturally members expect the candidate to be picked from PAS.

“However, Pakatan has yet to make a collective decision on the candidate for the top post if the coalition succeeds in capturing Putrajaya. The party has to abide by the decision,” said Ulama Council vice-chief Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed yesterday in response to objections from DAP leaders over Abdul Hadi as Prime Minister if the coalition comes to power.

Ousted PAS leader Datuk Dr Hassan Ali warned that there would be a revolt in PAS if the Opposition parties reject Abdul Hadi when PAS wins the most number of seats in the election.

“If Pakatan truly practises democracy, it should listen to the voice of the majority, and not the voice of a few top leaders in the Opposition,” he added.

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu said the final decision would be made by the Pakatan leadership.

“It is too early to broach the subject, as we must win first. What if Abdul Hadi and Anwar lose in the election?

“Then perhaps even I can be the Prime Minister,” he said.

Meanwhile, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said it had always been Pakatan’s stand that the candidate for the Prime Minister’s post would be the Opposition Leader.

“We stick by what has been agreed,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh said Abdul Hadi should stick to the consensus that Anwar be appointed Prime Minister if Pakatan comes to power.

“PAS should do likewise without being told because the position has been accepted all along,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday.

He said Anwar was the most qualified and acceptable person to take on the role because he had the experience in government administration as the former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

In KUALA TERENGGANU, state PAS commissioner Abdul Wahid Endut said Abdul Hadi was the best choice for the Prime Minister’s post because he has no moral issues to contend with.

“In the Islamic point of view, there’s no one better,” he said.

However, Abdul Wahid said such hopes largely depended on the outcome of the general election.

“We should focus on winning the election first. If PAS wins the majority of seats, he would be the logical choice,” he added.