Pakatan rep wants Liu to resign over Batu Caves condo controversy

(The Star) –  State Local Government committee chairman Ronnie Liu has been challenged to resign if he is not able to stop the controversial 29-storey condominium project in Batu Caves.

The dare came from his Pakatan Rakyat ally, Kota Raja assemblyman M Manoharan, at the state assembly sitting on Tuesday.

“The temple is a national heritage. It is obvious that the people do not want the project or any other projects to be build next to the temple complex.

“Therefore, if the project is not scrapped, will you resign?” Manoharan said in a supplementary question.

Liu replied saying resignation should not be the issue. “What is important is that the project must be stopped and the state (government) is doing its best.”

“There is a lot to consider. For instance, the project cannot be scrapped as more than 60% of the units had been sold.

“If the project is stopped, the state and federal government will have to compensate the developer,” he said.

Liu pointed out that the federal government also had the power to stop the project by revoking the developer’s advertising license and sales permit.