PAS: Implementing hudud our right, no forcing of non-Muslims'_Seri_Haji_Abdul_Hadi_Awang.jpg/167px-Tuan_Guru_Dato'_Seri_Haji_Abdul_Hadi_Awang.jpg 

(Bernama) – PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has stressed that hudud is PAS’ right to implement in this country when the time comes.

“Hudud is our right, and we (PAS) will not be enforcing hudud on non-Muslims as they have their own religion. For example, Muslims caught drinking liquor will be punished under hudud law but not the non-Muslims,” he told reporters at the end of PAS’ 58th Annual Muktamar (General Assembly), here, yesterday.

Hadi said a study done by PAS showed that many non-Muslims supported the implementation of hudud as they had no confidence with the existing law.

The hudud issue rose again when the party’s Dewan Ulama chief, Datuk Harun Taib said PAS would definitely implement hudud if the opposition group comes into power after the upcoming general election. However, this was disputed by several DAP leaders including its national chairman, Karpal Singh.

On PAS-DAP relations, Hadi said it was different from that between Umno and MCA because DAP accepted Islam’s position as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, while the question of rejecting hudud was another matter.

Asked about the suggestion by the muktamar delegates for Hadi to be appointed prime minister, he said they were free to speak “but the most important thing is to ensure the opposition wins the upcoming elections first”.

On the preparations for the elections, Hadi said everyone in PAS was in the mood to do battle and a joint manifesto of the opposition allies would be drawn up, besides the manifestos for the respective states.