PAS supporters are Islamic warriors, says wing’s secretary

(The Star) – Members of the PAS Supporters Congress are Islamic warriors, declared its secretary J. Parkaran.

He said they would go all out to fight for PAS, in line with its PAS For All battle cry.

“But we need ammunition,” he said when debating the keynote address of the party president during the 58th PAS Muktamar on Saturday.

He said they would be fighting without ammunition if they were excluded from PAS programmes and activities at grassroots and state level.

He said they would continue supporting PAS because it followed the Al-Quran.

“Man-made laws can change, but the (decrees in) Al-Quran never change,” he said.

Parkaran, who is chairman on a Parent-Teacher Association, called on PAS to champion the grouses of teachers over the implementation of school-based assessment system.

We fear that such a system would victimise students whose parents are supporters of the opposition, he said.

Sabah speaker Awang Laiman Ikin said supporters of Sabah PAS also asked when they could hold party events.