PAS delegate hits out at Pakatan partners over hudud

(Bernama) — A delegate at the PAS congress here today hit out at leaders of PAS’ opposition pact partners for wavering on the issue of ‘hudud’ law which PAS proposed to implement if it gets to form the federal government after the next general election.

Zahari Arip, a delegate from the Federal Territory, said the opposition pact partners should join hands in implementing hudud after PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had given the green light to implement it in accordance with democratic principles.

“Why are they saying that hudud is not a priority, that hudud should be postponed because the people do not have a proper understanding of it, and that the priority was getting to Putrajaya and not implementation of hudud?

“The implementation of hudud remains the core business of PAS and cannot be an incidental goal,” he said when speaking during the debate on the PAS president’s policy speech.

Zahari said convincing non-Muslims about hudud should not be the question because they would find it acceptable and conducive to life.

Meanwhile, the PAS Supporters Club said it was prepared to represent PAS in meeting with leaders of opposition pact partner DAP to discuss the hudud issue.

Its chief, Hu Pang Chaw, said the club representatives were prepared to meet with DAP chairman Karpal Singh to explain the hudud law, the proposed implementation of which by PAS had become an issue.

“We have met with the MCA leadership to explain hudud,” he said when approached at the congress.