Karpal hits out at Harun over hudud mischief

The DAP chairman says that PAS ulama chief Harun Taib’s assertion on DAP’s stand on hudud was mischievous and a long way from the truth.

(FMT) – DAP chairman Karpal Singh today stressed that his party had never agreed to the introduction of hudud in the country as claimed by PAS ulama chief Harun Taib yesterday.

“The position of the DAP on this issue cannot be subject to any compromise. It is fundamental to its existence,” said Karpal, who is also a senior lawyer, in a statement.

He added that Harun’s assertion on DAP’s stand on hudud was mischievous and “a long way from the truth”.

“The DAP has time and again publicly asserted its stand against the introduction of hudud in the country. Hudud cannot exist in Malaysia which is a secular state,” he said.

Harun, while speaking at the PAS muktamar in Kota Baru yesterday, had said that PAS had clarified its views on hudud with DAP on many occasions, even before Pakatan Rakyat was formed.

He also claimed that while Karpal seemed disagreeable to the implementation of hudud, that “does not mean he disagrees”.

To this, Karpal rebutted, saying that he had always rejected hudud.

“I have always disagreed and publicly stated my reasons for saying so based on the provisions in the Federal Constitution and interpretations of this provisions by the highest court in the country,” he said.

The DAP veteran also weighed in on the current controversy raised by PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar’s statement on religious freedom for all, including Malays, in the country.

Karpal said that there were cases decided before the Malaysian courts in which the judges had ruled that the federal constitution guarantees a freedom of religion, even for Muslims.