Dato Ramli Yusuf given a ceremonial farewell by PDRM

Comment by Din Merican

This morning I received via sms an invitation from Dato Ramli Yusuf, former Director, Commercial Crime Investigation Department to inform me that the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) is giving him a formal farewell. He wanted to honor me as one of the many Malaysians who had supported him in his quest for justice, and wanted me to attend the ceremony as his guest.

I felt I it was not necessary for me to attend as I would have done the same thing for any Malaysian who is a victim of injustice. I did that for Lawyer Rosli Dahlan, and the six Police Officers who were victimized and charged in court when Musa Hassan was Inspector-General of Police (IGP) for revealing Musa’s link to a crime syndicate in Johor Bahru.

When justice beckons, we Malaysians must come together to fight for the Rule of Law and Justice. Being indifferent or silent is not an option. As Edmund Burke says,“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

It may be recalled that the former IGP conspired with the Attorney-General (A-G), and the MACC to destroy Dato’ Ramli’s reputation and career. But they failed as Dato Ramli was acquitted by our courts on all charges.

I did not tell Ramli that I would not attend. I just thanked him for the invitation . I later discovered that the current IGP, Tan Sri Ismail Omar, gave him a grand send off (Hafiz Yatim’s article below) in the best traditions of the PDRM.

I was told that he was given a guard of honor salute and was sent off in the Police ceremonial Land Rover accompanied by PDRM bagpiper’s march past with the IGP himself walking behind the Land Rover and all the PDRM Directors and Police Chiefs in tow. Apparently it was a very emotional send off. I am sure Dato’ Ramli was very moved by this gesture of atonement by the Force, belated as that may be.

If I had previously thought that Dato’ Ramli Yusuf had sold out, I must to apologize because the former CCID Director did not mince his words in his farewell speech . It was a hard hitting speech where he singled out the “devious behavior” of the former IGP and the current A-G.

Let us hope that today’s ceremonial send off has brought about a good end to the humiliation and indignities Dato Ramli Yusuf suffered for half a decade. The Force which had obviously abandoned him (and his  five officers too) when he needed its support has now expressed its regret openly. That should be good enough at least for the time being. Tan Sri Ismail Omar can now focus on rebuilding PDRM’s image and morale.

As for Dato Ramli Yusuf, I wish him all the best in his retirement. I am hopeful, however, that at the appropriate time, he will not hesitate to initiate legal proceedings against both the former IGP Musa Hassan and the incumbent A-G Abdul Gani Patail.–Din Merican