An honest discourse between two Malaysians

Dear Editor,

I would be most obliged if you can consider posting this honest dialogue between two Malaysians as an article in MT for further discussion amongst readers. Two different views but equally honest. Thank you for your kind attention.

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 written by truthbespoken, November 08, 2012 11:07:28

Only the politically blind and somewhat mentally retarded Malaysians will continue to kiss the hands and smell the arse of this incorrigible Madhatter! As Malaysian, I say one need not have to show any manners to THE ONE who had gone out of his way over the years to systematically divide his countrymen with an iron-fisted hand in order to rule and silently plunder the wealth of the nation big time through his sons and cronies! This sly man with his warped policies and implementation which had weakened, perhaps even forever destroyed, the Malaysian pysche is unforgivable! Are these unawakened weak Malaysians who stick to him like bees to honey still under an evil spell or what? I am flabbergasted!

written by zulkifli anoud, November 08, 2012 14:22:41

…”This sly man with his warped policies and implementation which had weakened, perhaps even forever destroyed, the Malaysian pysche is unforgivable”… 

You must be out of your mind to state something like that. I for one do not believe you are Malay. I think you are possibly some looser from the west trying to stir up trouble with the garbage that you write. 

Why don’t you just fuck off to wherever it is you came from? 

Malaysians know what the Tun has done for this country, and this is why they love and respect him. 

No outsiders will be able to change this. 
Nice try though.


written by truthbespoken, November 08, 2012 16:20:25


Dear zulkifli anoud, the rationale is not whether one is Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. The more important thing is being Malaysian in Malaysia! If one looks at issues and situations from the Malaysian angle, Malaysia will ‘progress and fly’ without the simmering discords created by the divide-and-rule policies of your great Tun who discarded his ancestor’s race and opted to your race to conveniently rule over you Malays and others. If this is not sly, then what is it? If this is not the method used by an opportunistic and incorrigible con-man, what is it? And you expect the works of this unprincipled and sly con-man to benefit Malaysian interest in the longer term? While this is being said, I honestly do not believe I am ‘attacking’ anybody else except an old countryman who had systematically planned and decidedly destroyed our original Malaysian soul! 

zulkifli anoud, let me ask you. Are you trained by BTN? Who do you mean by ‘outsider’? According to your call, does it not infer that the Chinese, Indians and East Malaysians are all outsiders? Only the Malays and your celup Malay Tun are insiders? This sounds like a stupid call from a tribalistic person who had not been using his head properly! 

As I stressed here earlier, perhaps you are one of those Malaysians who have not awakened from deep slumber and will continue to treat your Tun like a semi-god who can do nothing wrong! Go on if you insist, you can keep on kissing his soiled hands and smell his butt for all I care. To each his own. We can disagree on this. No problem at all. Only remember, we are all citizens of Malaysia, are Malaysians, not outsiders, insiders or just Malays, Chinese, Indians and/or others. Think carefully and use your head and conscience next time when you speak.


written by zulkifli anoud, November 09, 2012 06:08:17


Anyone who denies that Malaysia is a better place to live than any other country in the region is either clueless or lying, because it is. Why is it a better place? 
Because Malaysians have houses that are made of brick and stone, instead of cardboard. 
Because Malaysians have access to schools to educate their children. 
Because most Malaysians own a car and can enjoy a relatively good infrastructure. 
Because all members of Malaysian society are treated with respect, as long as they refrain from stirring up unnecessary trouble. 
Of course not everyone agrees with this. 
Thanks to astro a lot of younger folks poison themselves with the typical degraded consumerist garbage tv that comes from the west. So they want that new car. And they do want that bigger tv. And they do want that new iphone. But they can’t afford it. This makes them frustrated and angry, and take to the social media to spit their insults at the people who are in control of this country. 
Just like you do when you write about “mentally retarded Malaysians who kiss the hands and smell the arse of this incorrigible Madhatter”. Of course it is interesting that the people who feel they have made nothing of their lives, and who fear they never will, often shout the loudest. And this is where I see you, with your pretentious name. 
I am sure you and your looser buddies would see nothing rather than the opposition take over. And I am here to explain to you that this will not happen in your lifetime, and to suggest that instead of spilling your disrespectful garbage on sites like these, you spend your time improving your education and working hard. Because none is going to improve your life for you. You will have to do this yourself.


written by truthbespoken, November 09, 2012 12:42:13


Zulkifli anoud, 
Fine, you responded. And sounding like a clear-headed and successful youthful person too. Good for you. Most of the questions you asked are also true. How would I want to deny what is true. But that’s where our similarity ends. I need no longer work for my three meals a day and have lots of time, and since 40 years ago, closely watching the development of our good country turned from an agricultural country into a manufacturing nation and then now a modern nation. Granted that credit must be given when due and your Tun had indeed contributed in no small way to the physical development of this country. 

So, why must I be one of the many Malaysians who would still want to criticise your Tun so vehemently? Here are the underlying reasons. For a country to consistently progress in future, and at my age, I am still taking about the future, the people of the country must be nationalistic and work as one, ONE MALAYSIAN as professed by PM Najib! But as you can observe now, this is clearly not happening! Many of your fellow countrymen who were born here are downgraded to third class-citizens by design. Why third-class and not second class, your may ask. First, many your folks have been so encouraged by the double-standard and biased implementation of government policies and have gone so emboldened and imprudent as to declare themselves a Muslim first, a Malay next and a Malaysian third. Even our DPM is part of this awkward happening! So, when one country places nationality on a low third grade level over other nations’ first, can this nation expect unity of purpose from its citizens where prosperity derives? This is the short and long aspect of my complain. (cont’d…)


written by truthbespoken, November 09, 2012 12:47:19


(cont’d…2).Your Tun, for serving his self-aggrandisement and agendas, have obviously made it easier for himself to climb up the political ladder by opting out of his own race to become a Malay and after becoming PM, ruled with an iron-fisted hand through his nazist-approach and British-acquired lessons of divide-and-rule. Hence, because of his divide-and-rule policies and expanded implementation (NEP is way past its 20 years) the resultant factor we see now is one of discord and incohesion amongst Malaysians. Where then do our future hold? What about the future of the future generations of Malaysians with all these unabated corruption, plundering of the country’s wealth and arrogance of the politicians under your Tun’s tutelage? Yes, your Tun did physically developed the country. But he also developed a bunch of misfits and half-pass-six Ministers, like he once proclaimed, to continue their rule over this country. When oil runs out, imagine what the social scenario will be for the country. Yr Tun won all these years and perhaps will still win until he pass on but winning the plot and losing the game for the people’s future is no-win! For sure, if what is happening amongst the people now is to be taken as a yardstick to measure harmony, I would firmly say the Malaysian soul and spirit is lost somewhere gliding into outer space. What then, again, will be the future for future Malaysians without unity? 


written by truthbespoken, November 09, 2012 12:51:42


(….cont’d 3). Zulkifli anoud, I think you are younger and care more about the current disposition of the country than her future. But for older people like us who have no more grand designs over our life (no need to, ahem, and, haha, I am mainly speaking for myself), it is the concern for the bright future of younger Malaysians we have to care and gloat about. Do you now understand why I am making so much noise and so against your Tun’s biased, spiritually-warped and shorted-sighted but ever-expanding government policies? I hope you can see and concur with my point of view now. I rest my case. Have a good day.