Zaid quits as Kita chief, cites health problems as the reason

Zaid Ibrahim

(The Star) — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has resigned as president of Kita but claims he still retains control of the party.

Party secretary Masrum Dayat, who has taken over as president, said Zaid submitted his resignation letter on Saturday.

“However, he is still a central committee member and an ordinary Kita member,” he said, adding that Zaid cited health problems as the reason for his resignation.

Masrum takes over the post with immediate effect.

Zaid, when asked about his resignation, replied through SMS saying “Yes”.

He, however, added that the party remained “under my control”.

When asked under what capacity would he remain in control of the party, Zaid said: “Position is not as important as influence.”

It was reported that Zaid was believed to be suffering from a heart ailment, which has left him unwell lately.

In his last post on his blog on Oct 24, Zaid said: “On the advice of my doctor, I’ve been avoiding stressful activities for several months.”

He also said quitting his post as Kita president would facilitate him contesting under the Pakatan Rakyat banner, preferably against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Pekan.

However, he said, he would only consider doing so if PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang opted not to contest for the seat.

Hadi was recently reported to have said he would stand wherever the party sent him, even Pekan.