Christian Cemetery stinks to high heavens


Christians in the Federal Capital of Kuala Lumpur observed their annual ‘All Souls day’ on 2nd November 2012 with their noses plugged and all because of the utter insensitivity of the local authorities.

Anyone who visited the Cheras Christian Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur would have felt insulted and you cannot blame them if they registered their disgust and hurt feelings by casting their votes for the Opposition.

BN leaders therefore cannot accuse the Christians of being ‘ungrateful’.

Here is yet another benchmark of an insensitive leadership: How could the authorities set up a bay for their garbage trucks just beside the graves – as well as entering and leaving the depot using the same road and entrance/exit that Christians use to visit the graves?

At least a dozen garbage trucks were seen parked in the vicinity of the graves. How on earth can any normal human being stand by the tombstone so close to the garbage bay and observe their obligations for the departed?

And the stench filled a wide expanse of the cemetery grounds despite the fact that flower stalls were decked all along the path and thousands of petals and garlands graced the tombstones; and certainly the oozing liquids on the narrow paths between the graves spilling from the DBKL ‘truk sampah’ vehicles that kept driving in and out was just too much to bear.

What kind of policy is this? Do we have no respect for the dead?

Are we so short of land for the garbage vehicles that even a Christian cemetery is not spared?

Where is our sensitivity? Or are the authorities sending a subtle message of discrimination?

It is no surprise when the Christians visiting the cemetery lean to the other extreme questioning if the same would also happen to the burial grounds of other faiths?

These are the questions the family members who paid their respects to their deceased loved ones are asking.

And are the BN leaders going to charge the Christians of non-patriotic line of questions? Or would some UMNO aligned political group charge that the Christians are rousing religious sensitivities by asking these questions?

Have the heads of the Christian faith questioned and or appealed to the authorities not to turn the burial ground into a garbage truck depot? If they have not, then they are also party to this totally disrespectful and hurting act.

However if the Christian leaders have send in their appeals, then it is definitely an act of ill-will on the part of the authorities.

Where in the world would local authorities also seemingly raid and occupy burial grounds with their stinking, oozing garbage trucks? Anyone reader can name one?

Wonder what have the BN leaders who keep proclaiming that only they know what is best for Malaysians of all faiths have got to say? Or is this act also another of the BN’s “promises fulfilled” agenda?