Strong candidates can wrestle Kelantan from PAS, BN leaders claim

(TMI) – Barisan Nasional (BN) can wrest Kelantan if quality candidates fielded in the general election receive strong support from all levels of party leadership. 


Umno Veterans Club secretary Datuk Mustapha Yaakub and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin believed quality candidates and zero sabotage would help BN wrest Kelantan from PAS. 

Mustapha said Kelantan people are ready for change because the PAS state government had failed to manage Kelantan and BN should take full advantage of the situation. 

“BN candidates must be of good character, have high moral, not corrupted, not arrogant, easily approachable and willing to serve in all situation.”

“They must also receive strong support of the party leadership at division and branch level.”

Meanwhile, Khairy proposed that Kelantan Umno include special incentives to youths in its election manifesto. 

“These incentives can be made in terms of youth development, facilities or by giving allocation directly to youths,” he added.