Lawyer denies giving false information on Suaram

(The Star) – A lawyer has denied claims by an MP that he provided false information to a French lawyer in a bid to topple the Federal Government.

“I wish to state that the allegations made by Wee Choo Keong and the insinuations by newspapers are false and baseless,” Amer Hamzah Arshad told reporters yesterday.

Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong, who sits as an Independent, had accused Amer of attempting to fool international authorities by claiming in a letter to French lawyer William Bourdon that Suaram was a legal entity and a registered body through Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd.

“Suaram is not a registered body with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) and yet the law firm sent a letter to a French lawyer claiming that it is a registered body,” Wee said in Parliament on Wednesday.

Wee said it was a “grand design to discredit the Government” and that Suaram had received foreign funding showing that “they have a bad intention”.

Amer clarified that he was not practising with the law firm Wee had named, and that Suaram was a personal client of his.

“The said letter was written and signed under my name as the personal legal adviser of Suaram to state the background and registration history of Suaram under the Companies Act,” said Amer, reading from a statement.

“The allegations of a grand design’ is a figment of Wee Choo Keong’s grand imagination’ and I challenge him to repeat his slanderous and defamatory accusations outside Parliament.”