PKR strongman Badrul Amin among 16 charged in Syariah court

(NST) – Sixteen Al-Arqam members who were picked up during a gathering in Bandar Country Homes Rawang on Thursday night were charged at the Kuang Syariah Court this morning

Among those in court were PKR supreme council member Dr Badrul Amin Baharon and Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd board of directors.

They were charged under Section 12E of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment. All were released on bail.

Selangor Religious Department enforcement officers and police broke up the outlawed Al-Arqam gathering and brought some of the members to its headquarters in Shah Alam for questioning.

The NST reported that the banned Al-Arqam movement,led by the founder’s wife, Khatijah Am, is said to have formed a “shadow cabinet” with 41 ministries, including the ministry of the netherworld (kementerian alam ghaib).

This was part of its plot to overthrow the government and form an Islamic state, according to information compiled by intelligence agencies.

Also listed in its shadow cabinet were the ministries of true souls and sects (roh suci dan tariqat), death and the hereafter (kematian dan akhirat) and family and holy sex (keluarga dan seks suci).

Intelligence sources said Khatijah, who is the widow of Ashaari Muhammad and has been living in Mecca after his death, had been holding monthly meetings with “top leaders” of the sect in Malaysia via video conferencing.

A source said 54 meetings, dubbed “roh parlimen” (soul parliament) by Khatijah, had been held so far.

In their “parliamentary meetings”, which had begun in May 2010, Khatijah had assumed the position as their “prime minister”.