Chinese are inherently racist (or more appropriately supremacist)!

Chinese are just supremacists. They think they are better than everyone and anything else including the Malays and Islam. This just pisses the Malays off. To Malays, Islam is top and many feel that they would die for it but the Chinese never show deference to any religion. Religion is just a sideshow to the Chinese even with all their superstitions. 

By AsamLaksa

Before I go any further let me set down the ground rules.

My opinion in this piece is based on the population/community level and not on the individual level of Chinese. So do not point out that so and so is a Chinese and is not racist because I do not care about any individual. It is like with health where on a population level obesity risks many health problems but there are individual obese people who are actually healthy.

Now let me begin my opinion piece. I am Chinese by race. Both parents are Chinese, 3rd and 4th generation overseas Chinese. I grew up in a Chinese majority locality in Penang. I studied in classes with 70-90% Chinese student make up even though it is not a Chinese vernacular school. Then I went to the West for tertiary education.

As I was growing up in Malaysia the theme among the Chinese community is that the Malays are lazy and stupid. Sure you can be nice to them because they are nice to you but when the Malays do business they are nowhere as capable. We all laughed at how Malays do their work. We laughed like we knew all that is to know and filled ourselves up with a sense of superiority. We are better. We are smarter. When we grow up we would fly to the moon while they will still tanam padi. Hahahahaha *choke*

Then I went to the West and met more Chinese from various countries be it from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore or Taiwan and the theme is still the same, this time replace the Malays with the locals which are the Westerners.

We asked why are the West so great when every appliance they use are from China? We saw so many top students in university who are from Chinese stock. We asked why were there so many unemployed stupid white people? We were shocked by the extravagance of the Western governments in social spending on stupid white people. We laughed ourselves silly with ideas of the ascendency of China as a superpower and Singapore as the Utopia of free market economics.

I laughed with them. Till reality sinks in. Till I saw how hollow it all was. Till I saw how sad and sickly the Chinese are.

Many Malaysian political commentators urge Malaysians, especially the non-Malays to understand the Malays so that the various races in Malaysia may engage and work together for a common good. But what many commentators failed to seek is to understand the non-Malays and bring it out in the open. Inter-racial understanding must come from all parties not just one to foster trust. Without serious efforts to understand the largest minority in Malaysia, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

So I come back to the title: Chinese are inherently racists (or more appropriately supremacist)!

Many political comments wrongly perceive that the Chinese are anti-Islam and anti-Malay. The truth is that Chinese could not give a damn about the position of Islam and the Malays. They did not give a damn about the status of Islam in the constitution in the infancy of the nation. They did not make much of a fuss of the celebration of Malay culture.

Chinese are just supremacists. They think they are better than everyone and anything else including the Malays and Islam. This just pisses the Malays off. To Malays, Islam is top and many feel that they would die for it but the Chinese never show deference to any religion. Religion is just a sideshow to the Chinese even with all their superstitions.

The main act for the Chinese is economic wealth. Everyone knows this. Wealth = power and security. Every Chinese parent drill the need for wealth into their children, not necessarily to become super rich but wealthy to lead a comfortable life. Thus the Chinese regard any person according to their wealth. In their minds if you are great then you must be wealthy. This quest for wealth afflicts the Chinese society as a whole in comparison with the West where you have the super-rich coming from a society that believes in social equality.

This never-ending thirst for wealth led to the dearth of morals. The Chinese are very flexible in accepting how a person made their wealth. Yes, very very flexible. Cut to the chase – wealth is what matters, not how it was made.  Thus as much as the anti-UMNO lobby says that UMNO is evil, they can’t hide from the fact that the Chinese is no better as behind every corrupt Malay politician is a Chinese. But the Malays perceive this. Thus you can scream all you want about corrupt Malay politicians and the Malays won’t buy it.

The Chinese generally do not care if others struggle. It is the economic reality for them that the rich needs to exploit the poor to become richer. And they have the gall to blame the poor for being lazy and stupid when they do little to help the poor!

Education is a top priority to the Chinese not as a means to improve society but to ensure wealth. Thus the graduates will gravitate to where they can make the most wealth. They are not sorry to migrate nor are they fighting for more space in the Malaysian civil services. They blame the racist Malaysian government policies in recruitment but never made a fuss about it for years! The truth is that most civil service jobs won’t make you rich. In fact they’d make more money in free enterprise thus it wasn’t a big deal to begin with.

This is what others would see in the Chinese. Again I reiterate that there are many Chinese who are benevolent just like many people of other backgrounds are. But as a community, the Chinese appear to be selfish, amoral, racist and greedy.

Some claim that Malaysia is an ideal of a multicultural country and I strongly disagree. I say Malaysia could be the ideal of a multicultural country. It’s all about living in harmony in Malaysia but each to their own devices and cannot find a common goal to aim for. I find that some countries in the West are better at uniting the different communities in creating a better nation with rights for the people and care for the needy. They may not be rich but the people are better cared for. In Malaysia you may be rich but still not cared much for (such as protection from crime).

I shudder for the next generation of mindlessly laughing Malaysian Chinese. I am not particularly anti-Chinese; I just think that the Chinese need to change attitudes towards others.

I repeat my call again for all Malaysians to engage with one another. Try to understand each other. Unite under a good common goal. It is the people who have the power. All politicians be it BN or PR will attempt to divide and rule. It is their nature to preserve their power thus stopping the rakyat from asking the right questions. What are your common goals and what is getting in the way?