Kamalanathan wants apology from Ronnie Liu for alleging link to Batu Caves condo project approval

(The Star) – A Barisan Nasional MP has asked Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu to apologise for linking him to approving the 29-storey condominium project near Batu Caves.

Calling it “defamation of the first class”, P. Kamalanathan (BN – Hulu Selangor) said he will consider taking legal action against Liu if he failed to apologise “as soon as possible”.

“I was a Selayang municipal councillor from 2004 to 2006. I had no power in 2007 when the project was approved,” said the Putera MIC coordinator during a press conference at the Parliament lobby Monday.

Kamalanathan claimed that Liu had the intention to tarnish his good name by making his statement.

He also questioned why the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government did not do anything to stop the project even though it had been in power since 2008.

In a news report, Liu had said the project was approved on Sept 27, 2007, when the state was ruled by Barisan Nasional.

He claimed that Kamalanathan and Selangor Gerakan chief A. Kohilan Pillai were Selayang municipal councillors when the project was given the green light.

Kamalanathan, via his officers, had lodged a police report to investigate Liu for allegedly slandering him on Oct 24.

It was reported that Batu Caves would face the risk of caving in if the condominium project went ahead.

Selangor Malaysian Nature Society committee member Lim Teck Wyn said the project would expedite the limestone massif’s natural erosion process, causing it to possibly cave in sooner.