Probe sand mining scandal, Noh to Khalid

The Selangor Umno deputy chief says he is willing to furnish the necessary evidence to Selangor MB Khalid.

(Free Malaysia Today) –  Agriculture and Agro-based Industry minister Noh Omar today challenged the Selangor government to open an investigation into allegations of sand mining graft in the state.

The Selangor Umno deputy chief said he has evidence that the Pakatan Rakyat administration had abused its power in sand mining projects in the state.

“I have proof and we can give it to the Menteri Besar if he wants it. Khalid Ibrahim should not hide this and lie to the public,” he told reporters here, adding that he had receipts, statutory declarations and other documents from sand contractors to back his claims.

Noh said Khalid’s administration had dropped investigations into the state’s sand mining industry to conceal their weaknesses and had opted to attack Barisan Nasional instead of doing “what is right”.

“The Selcat’s role seems to be to expose the weaknesses of Barisan Nasional leaders. But it does not act against their own leaders. Why has it stopped probing this matter?” he said.

Pakatan often boasted about its Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) as its check and balance mechanism.

The sand mining issue resurfaced after self-exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin last week accused two Selangor PKR assemblymen of receiving bribes in the state’s sand mining projects.