Apologise for Valentine’s Day claim, PAS told

(The Sun Daily) – PAS Youth must apologise and retract its statement that Valentine’s Day celebration would promote “immoral activities,” said Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang.

He said if Pakatan Rakyat adopts a moderate stand, it must ensure PAS Youth immediately retract the claim, stop repeating it and apologise for the “irresponsible allegation.”

In a statement today, Tan said there is nothing wrong for PAS Youth to discourage Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day if it is against Islamic teaching.

However, he said, in doing so, it should not allege that Valentine’s Day promotes immoral activities.

“This would imply that non-Muslim Malaysians who celebrate Valentine’s Day would be involved in immoral activities.

PAS Youth should study the history and culture of Valentine’s Day celebration before making such an irresponsible assumption.

“It’s wrong for PAS Youth to prejudge the morality of non-Muslim Malaysians who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The continuous insult by PAS Youth over the years towards those celebrating Valentine’s Day must be stopped,” he added.

Tan was referring to a report Tuesday, quoting PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi calling for the government to place advertisement to discourage Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day as he claimed the celebration would promote immoral activities.