Rais: Malays not registered as voters should be made aware

(Bernama) – More than 3.7 million people who were not registered as voters, particularly Malays, should be made aware of their voting rights, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He said, if the aforementioned Malays were registered and thus, eligible to vote, they could empower the Malay struggle in determining the political strength of the community which represented 60 percent of the country’s population.

“Other quarters (non-Malays) should not feel segregated. The reality is, we are the majority and we need to embrace that sense of oneness,” he told reporters after closing a program at Felda Raja Alias 4, Serting here today.

Rais, who is Jelebu member of parliament, said opposition propaganda, especially by PAS and PKR, had misled and made the Malays forget about the politics of numbers.

“Our non-Malay friends will agree because they acknowledge that a majority voice will be respected, and differences easily resolved,” he said.

He urged the relevant parties to seriously advocate to those concerned on the need to register as voters.