What is the difference between a white envelope/angpow and a black & white wedding dress?

Kuo Yong Kooi

The Chinese has been happily adopting the Western wedding dress for many years now where black and white is the traditional Western colour for weddings but in traditional Chinese culture, black and white is the traditional colour for funerals. Why are people not objecting to this?

It’s because the Chinese (and other races that has been colonised) have got an inferiority complex. The West is more fashionable because the West is developed. We have no confidence in what is comfortable. Wearing a T shirt in Malaysia is already warm enough and yet we spend tens of thousands of ringgit on a black and white wedding dress suitable for cold weather for use in that particular one day.

Ninety percent of Chinaman friends I grew up with has got an English name now. Can you believe McDonalds which is well known to be junk food in the West can be so expensive in Malaysia? Yes, West is the trend today, but today the West is facing possible bankruptcy and the possibility of destroying the planet with it’s capitalist/consumerist lifestyle and yet we still want to follow them.

What is the real issue here?

The real issue of the day is the possibility of a change of government in the next general election for the first time in the history of Malaysia. The issue is not Ibrahim Ali handing out white envelopes. The UMNO regime would like us to react angrily over this. If we can easily get angry over simple issues like pig heads, cow heads and white angpows, then we are caught up with raw emotions and it will get us no where in the end but another May 13. Then we fall in the very trap that the UMNO regime is trying to set up.

Clown Ibrahim Ali and his team Perkasa has got no support. When they call for a “big rally”, not many people will turn up. Therefore, we should ignore these clowns who are on the way out anyway. I don’t know why the alternative media which is not controlled by the government should give the clown and his team Perkasa headline coverage. It virtually boils down to a clown Ibrahim Ali. If he dies, I don’t think there are more qualified clowns in team Perkasa like Ibrahim Ali. If Perkasa calls for a rally and there are tens of thousands of people turning up, then I think the coverage of this clown Ibrahim Ali is well deserved in the headlines, but unfortunately this clown does not even turn up at the Bersih rally to confront the rally participants as he had warned.

So, next time the clown does something provocative, just treat it like the incident when the Taliban blew up the Buddha statues at Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Buddhists around the world did not rise up to do any Islam bashing. Stay focused.