Zamil: Zaid should have stepped down

The Kedah chief also hit back at Zaid for implying that he was to be blamed for this decision.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Kita Kedah chief, Zamil Ibrahim, is reeling in shock over the news of Kita’s dissolution and the implication of his apparent hand in it.

Kita founder, Zaid Ibrahim, today announced that an extraordinary general meeting would be held soon to dissolve the party which he called a “mistake”.

Zaid said that the move was necessary to end all doubts that Kita was backing Pakatan Rakyat due to its Kedah and Penang branches’ criticism of the opposition coalition.

Zamil, who is the Kedah chief, slammed Zaid’s decision as “irresponsible” and “unreasonable”.

“Kita isn’t a business that can be simply opened and closed,” he said of the one-year-old party. “A president should call an emergency meeting and speak to us instead of turning to the media with such drastic statements.”

Zamil said that he had in fact been summoned by Kita’s disciplinary committee last month over his criticism of Pakatan after Zaid had openly voiced support for the opposition.

Since then he claimed that he had not made any further criticism of the opposition and pointed out that he had even criticised Barisan Nasional before.


He then turned the tables on Zaid, saying that none of this dissent would have risen if Zaid had honoured the party’s original intent of remaining unaffiliated to any political party.

“This what attracted me, (Kita Penang chief) Tan Tee Beng and our members to join the party in the first place,” he stated.

Zamil, who only learnt of the decision from Zaid’s tweet this morning, said that mentioning the Kedah branch was akin to arm-twisting him to respond.