Pakatan Inconsistencies Manifest Again

CHONG ITT CHEW, MCA Kedah Chairman

After Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan outrightly rejected the Buku Jingga using the excuse the Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) does not come under the purview of the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA), Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim defended him with claims that “Azizan as chairman of KUIN is compelled to accept regulations under the UUCA, in order to be granted a licence to operate the state-owned university” (The Sun, 2 Feb ’12).

Contradictions emerge as on one hand, Azizan asserts that KUIN does not fall under UUCA as it is a private university although his initial response to criticisms against the usage of UUCA was to write off the Buku Jingga. But in defending the suspension of the five KUIN students, Anwar exhorts AUKU. So which is which? Which clause is now being used? The fact remains – the students’ suspension holds and Anwar defends Azizan and KUIN quoting UUCA, in direct contrast against the Buku Jingga empty promise to abolish UUCA.

PAS finds convenient loopholes

PAS President Hadi Awang also accepts Azizan’s explanation. Given Kedah Menteri Azizan’s unequivocal rejection of the Buku Jingga, his further reasoning that “it could only be implemented if Pakatan took over the Federal Government and that not all its contents could be put into place” (The Sun, 2 Feb ’12) not only offers an excuse to uphold the suspension of the five KUIN students, it also enables PAS a loophole to use and dispose clauses in the Buku Jingga whenever or wherever the situation fits them.

Pakatan misleads with misperception

With the perception given of abolishing UUCA, what is important is to keep to the spirit and to start practising that perception now. If Pakatan rakyat held any integrity, they would retain a consistent stand over UUCA, instead of resorting to convenient loopholes when a situation goes awry.

Voters have been misled by the Buku Jingga as Pakatan Rakyat gave the impression that the Opposition would abolish UUCA, although that is clearly not in their cards.

To avoid using and disposing clauses in the Buku Jingga as and when they please, Pakatan Rakyat should list out which clauses in the Buku Jingga are applicable and which clauses will be disposed off, so that voters will know exactly what the Opposition stands for, what to expect and will not be disappointed when their hopes come crashing down over promises made and broken.