Terengganu MCA chief: DAP has become irrelevant in Pakatan

(The Star) – DAP has become irrelevant to Pakatan Rakyat as can be seen from statements made by Pakatan’s leaders following PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang‘s statement to stay out of the next general election, said Terengganu MCA chief Toh Chin Yaw.

He said following Hadi’s interview in a daily, PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was quick to react asking Hadi to defend his state and parliamentary seats in the election.

Hadi reportedly said he may not defend his Rhu Rendang state and Marang parliamentary seats in the elections to make way for younger leaders.

He said that if he was nominated by the party to contest again in the polls, he would agree to defend only one of his seats.

Toh said Anwar’s call for Hadi to contest reconfirmed Pakatan’s dependence on PAS to dominate and not taking the risk of fielding other candidates to contest in the two constituencies.

“On this issue, the PKR leader does not even consult with his DAP colleagues on alternative candidates.

“This clearly shows that DAP’s presence is irrelevant to PAS or PKR in the opposition pact’s decision making,” said Toh.

He said Anwar’s reasons for wanting Hadi to stay on also supported the assertion that Pakatan has no succession option and that the formation of the coalition was merely to seize power.

Toh said Hadi’s statement on not defending the two seats reflected the increasing intra-party conflicts within PAS.

“The apparent rift which sees conservatives up against ultra conservative members is splitting the Islamist party further,” he said.