Selangor PAS tells Hasan Ali to take on OWC instead

(The Malaysian Insider) – Selangor PAS today brushed off recent attacks by Datuk Hasan Ali, telling its sacked former state chief to take on the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) instead after it courted controversy yesterday with its new campaign, “The Prophet, Islam’s Sacred Sex Figure.”

Women’s wing chief Wan Hasrina Wan Hasan said the former state executive councillor for Islamic affairs should “be engaging in that fight instead of with PAS” if he was truly a defender of Islam.

“He should address OWC as their campaign is clearly deviant and will lead the faithful astray,” she told a press conference today.

The OWC, an offshoot of the outlawed Al-Arqam movement, is holding the campaign in conjunction with Prophet Muhammad’s birthday next month.

Hasan has embarked on a roadshow to explain what he claims are the true reasons behind his “unjust” sacking from the Islamist party.

But Selangor PAS said, in a prepared statement today, that Hasan’s claims are baseless.

“He is willing to accuse PAS of ignoring ulama, selling out Malays and bowing to PKR and DAP when nothing has changed since he was Selangor chief and executive councillor.

“The only thing that changed was his position and post in PAS,” said the statement read out by Youth chief Hasbullah Ridhwan.

Hasan has repeatedly accused PAS of deviating from championing Islam, and gained notoriety last year for backing the Selangor Islamic department’s (JAIS) raid of a church over apostasy claims.

Weeks before Hasan was dropped as state executive councillor this month, he was spotted taking part in pub raids by religious authorities.