DAP, please pay no mind to flip-flop KJ


From the time I was in secondary school until about 2 years ago, if ever I was to join a political party, it would have been the Democratic Action Party.

Yes, the DAP.

Guan Eng well knows this.

Since 2010, though, I am pleased to say that my options have increased.

Today, besides DAP, if ever I was inclined to join a political party, I would have no reservations in filling a membership application form and submitting the same to the Parti Sosialis Malaysia or the Parti Rakyat Malaysia.

These parties are not multiracial. In my view, the term ‘multiracial’ still places emphasis on ‘race’.

They are non-race based.

They champion issues, are advocates of meritocracy and champion the lot of the downtrodden.

This, for me, is the direction this nation must take.

Malaysiakini reports that KJ wants DAP to disclose the number of Malays it has in its ranks of members to prove it is multiracial.

Now anyone who has followed KJ’s ascent through the corridors of power in UMNO will have noticed this young, ambitious man flip-flopping between being a Malay nationalist firebrand, whilst serving as Kerismudin’s errand boy as deputy youth chief, then trying to re-brand himself as the voice of moderation in UMNO after his flip-flop father-in-law got dislodged by Dr M who then installed Jibby as PM, and now not quite sure where he needs to park himself in order to continue to be relevant in a divided UMNO.

His UMNO youth has 100,000 members?