AG’s Appeal – “black as hell, dark as night”?


RPK borrowed and paraphrased the opening phrase of a soliloquy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet for the title of his latest post in his Corridors of Power column.

In To file or not to file, that’s the question, he reckoned the AG’s appeal against the dismissal of charges in the infamous Sodomy II case has to do with Najib’s kowtowing to pressure from UMNO hardliners to ensure his own survival as UMNO president.

Pakatan has obviously picked up on that suspicion, as reflected in The Malaysian Insider’s Najib ceding to Umno hawks over court appeals, says Pakatan.

I am not too sure about that, based on what I posted last week, namely Najib + Anwar versus Dr M?, where I referred to the writings of 3 other bloggers, namely RPK (quoting Haris Ibrahim), Mohd Arshad Raji and the blogger of Corrupted Barisan Nasional website.

Though the last two are pro Pakatan bloggers, the message in each either hinted or alluded to a deal done between Najib and Anwar Ibrahim which resulted in his Sodomy II charges being dismissed by the court.

The alleged deal was supposed to shore up Najib’s position in UMNO, specifically against Dr M’s moves, which led the 3rd blogger to write: