Probe Kadir’s vote buying claim, MACC told

“Who gave him money?” DAP man asks in anti-corruption report

(Free Malaysia Today) – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has been asked to investigate former tourism minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir following his admission that he was involved in Barisan Nasional’s attempts to bribe voters.

The MP for Seremban, DAP’s John Fernandez, in a report lodged with the commission today, also urged it to investigate others who might have been involved.

Recent news reports quoted Kadir as saying that he used to receive “lump sums of money” during election campaigns to buy votes for BN in a strategy code-named “bomb”.

“I want MACC to investigate Kadir and find out who gave him the money,” Fernandez told reporters.

“He is a former cabinet minister, former Umno supreme council member and is still an Umno member. His statement as per reported clearly gives indications there is rampant vote buying by Umno and BN during elections.

“I also want MACC to investigate others involved and find out whether there has been any infringement of the current law. MACC should charge the relevant persons in court,” he said.

Another DAP man, Senawang state assemblyman P Gunasekaran, meanwhile questioned the MACC’s seriousness in investigating a report lodged some time ago against Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan.