Aiyoh-yooh, ministers now fear marauding Malaysians

J. D. Lovrenciear

Really is the Minister in the Prime Minister’s department, Nazri Azia serious? If what he was reported to have said is true (Malaysiakini, Thursday, 19 January 2012), then it is not a joke. It is gross insult to all law abiding citizens of this country.

The de-facto Law Minister is reported to have said that the public disclosure of ministers’ assets is “dangerous”. Nazri Aziz claimed that releasing the details of the ministers’ assets to the public may endanger the individuals.

What that tantamount to, in other words, is that Malaysians are a marauding lot. It also means that Malaysians are a savage lot. Now if that is not an insult to peace-keeping Malaysians, then pray tell what else it could be?

It has taken us like light years to pressure the ministers to have their assets audit and published. Now just as citizens’ hopes rise with a prospect of knowing in a no-holds-barred fashion as to how our leaders have amassed such wealth with impunity, comes a another shroud-throwing by the powers that be.

The de facto Law Minister should have feared the law more than the citizens. He would have earned more brownies not only for himself but for his entire team of brothers and sisters in-arms if he had instead of blemishing the rakyat, dished out a firm reprimand to erring ministers with unaccounted wealth.

Perhaps, it is time for the legal fraternity to come out in full force to sue the pants off leaders who make citizens look like tyrants and marauding thugs.  Otherwise, it is only short of making the entire nation look bad in the eyes of the global citizenry.