RPK’s accusations of Selangor corruption proven to be bunk?


Humble thanks to all who had kind words about my article.

Allow me to once again offer sincere and heartfelt thanks to The Malaysian Insider for being the first ever to host my column – it’s been a great relationship, they’ve been very good to me, and I bring with me many positive memories.

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Around the time my article was published, RPK also published what he said was proof of corruption in Selangor. True to RPK style, it contained quite lurid detail.

Since its publication, I’m glad to note that just about all of the accused have stepped up to set the record straight.

Now, I’m all for weeding out corruption, especially in Pakatan held states. But for corruption to be weeded out, first it has to be true 😛

I can’t comment much right now on this Johan Taharin matter, as I have never heard of him. I’m not sure what use being Azmin Ali’s brother in law would be though, since Azmin holds no official posts within the Selangor state government structure. Those familiar with PKR politics would probably also doubt his ability to exert undue influence over the current Menteri Besar. If the following accusations are anything to go by, let’s just say it gives plenty of reason to doubt the credibility of the first one.

(ps- I see that Malaysia Today gallantly publishes all sorts of articles and blog posts, even those that are critical of RPK. Great! I wonder if they could also publish my Malaysiakini article and this blog post? No reason not too, right? Thanks!!)

(edit: I have just been kindly informed that the reason this is so is because Malaysia Today cannot run articles by Malaysiakini, which is perfectly understandable. Thanks and apologies!)  

Allow me to reproduce the rest of the accusations and responses: